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Martin van Blerk - Experienced Software and Game Developer

Based in New Zealand, Martin van Blerk has founded or been involved in the creation of multiple technology companies and projects, including Namaco, Caliber,Overcut, and Pixelmon. Mr. van Blerk is one of more than two dozen members of Namaco, a digital innovation hub dedicated to creating disruptive and forward-thinking ventures. Beyond nurturing and developing creative ideas, Namaco offers dynamic marketing with creative and viral techniques as well as funding and strategic direction to help visionaries achieve their business goals. It has helped bring more than a dozen successful projects to fruition since its inception.  

Martin van Blerk is also the founder and CEO of Caliber, a software company with an innovative applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management(CRM) platform catering to the recruitment industry. He created the platform in collaboration with high-performing recruiters and an award-winning software developer. The platform automates many otherwise mundane and time-consuming tasks, allowing recruiters more time to spend on more impactful activities. 

Also a passionate game developer, Martin van Blerk is working on his mobile game studio Overcut. Their latest project is a mid-core one-on-one multiplayer game currently in its beta testing stage with test players in New Zealand and Canada. He also has prior game industry experience as the founder of Pixelmon, which was acquired in 2022 by a Singaporean studio.  

Pixelmon received an $8 million seed funding round in early 2024, with funds from key investors like Immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson and Yield Guild Games co-founder Gabby Dizon. The company’s leadership team consists of more than 70 professionals with diverse skills and experience, including experienced art director Stefan Ivanov, who has worked on Mortal Kombat and Saints Row. Pixelmon now has more than 30,000 active community members and two immersive titles, Hunting Grounds and Battle Arena, as well as an anime series, in development.  

In 2023, Martin van Blerk co-founded Project Saved to rescue children from sexual slavery and human trafficking in Nepal. The organization maintains safe houses in high-risk areas, operates border monitoring checkpoints, and has created an education center where at-risk youth can receive food, shelter, schooling, and support. Educational sponsorships are also available for orphaned and other marginalized children. So far, Project Saved has been involved in the rescue and protection of more than 3,000 children and young women; by 2030, Mr. van Blerk aims to benefit more than 100,000 children per year.  



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